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Did LG out-circle Motorola? Still excited about the Moto 360?

LG has now formally revealed its own circular watch, the G Watch R. Now that Motorola has circular competition, are you still excited for the Moto 360?
August 28, 2014
moto 360 first look (9 of 12)

Way back in March Google first took the wraps off the Android Wear program, revealing that the platform would support two different form factors: square and round. While the LG G Watch was the poster child for square design, the Moto 360 represented the round form factor and quickly garnered a lot of positive attention for its innovative looks.

Fast-forward nearly a half year later and the Moto 360 is still a well-received idea, but nothing more. This is expected to change on September 4th, when Motorola is expected to finally set its plans for the Moto 360’s commercial release in stone — but is the Moto 360 too late to make the impact it might have if it had launched even just a month or two earlier?

Late last night LG formally announced its G Watch R, a stunning rounded watch that looks the closest we’ve seen to a traditional watch. Of course we still don’t know exactly how big and bulky it really is, but the early renders of the device sure look enticing. It’s also unclear when the new watch will hit store shelves, though we should know more at IFA next week.

This leads to the crux of the matter: did LG out-circle Motorola? Unless the renders don’t accurately depict how Android Wear will be presented on the G Watch R, it appears that LG’s circular watch solves the bottom black-bar issue we’ve seen with the Moto 360 up to this point. The LG G Watch R also arguably looks a bit more traditional than the Moto 360, though for some folks the design might be a bit too ordinary. After all, some of us want our tech accessories to stand out!

What do you think, are you still excited for the Moto 360 or has LG one-upped the competition based on what we currently know about the device? Would Motorola have found greater commercial success if it had been more aggressive about getting its watch out to market?

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