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LG G Pro 2 Knock Code - Feature Focus

We take a look at how to setup and use one of the very helpful features available with the LG G Pro 2 - Knock Code!
March 9, 2014

The unique button layout at the rear of the current crop of LG smartphones has a lot of advantages, allowing for a clean front design, and for some, a convenient and easier way to access the power button and volume rocker. First introduced with the LG G2, and now a feature of the G Pro 2 as well, the only issue with this positioning is that it’s obviously impossible to access the buttons while the smartphone is kept face up on a surface, requiring you to pick up the device every time you want to unlock it.

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To circumvent this issue, LG introduced a software feature called Knock On with the LG G2, which allowed you to double tap the screen to wake the device, and has now expanded and improved on this with the LG G Pro 2 (and the LG G2 Mini). Here’s a closer look at Knock Code!

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To set up Knock Code, you need to go into Lock Screen options in the Settings menu. Opening up the set up page gives you a short explanation on what Knock Code. Basically, instead of a double tap to wake the device, Knock Code allows you to input a unique pattern in a four square grid to not only wakes the phone, but unlocks it.

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Going over to the next screen, you’ll find the grid where you can input your Knock Code. Number of taps can range between two and eight, and you can select which way the pattern will go. You will have to re-enter this pattern to confirm your selection. The next page shows you the area where the grid is, and then asks you to set up a back PIN in case you forget your code. Confirming this PIN is the final step before you’re all set.

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All you need to do is envision a 2 x 2 grid on the screen, tap in your selected Knock Code, and you’ll be taken directly to your home screen, saving the extra step of unlocking it while using Knock On. It’s really nice and easy to use, and there are numerous patterns you can choose.

So there you have it, a look at the Knock Code feature with the LG G Pro 2. With the different button positions on this device, such a feature is definitely a necessity, and it’s great to see LG working to improve the functionality with every iteration.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring more about the LG G Pro 2, including a full in-depth review of this smartphone that’ll be coming very soon!

What are your thoughts? Are you impressed with the Knock Code feature? Let us know in the comments section below.