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LG G Flex self-healing power demoed in promo video

In a new video, LG is showing off the LG G Flex self-healing powers that help the handset's back recover from light scratches that appear during every day use.
November 12, 2013

In addition to having a flexible display and a somewhat flexible chassis, the LG G Flex also has one feature many smartphone users would love to have on their devices: a back case with self-healing powers.

The company has posted the video above on its Korean YouTube channel, in which it shows the phone’s self-healing power in action. As you can see, after being continuously scratched, the back plate heals himself in just a few minutes, even after being repeatedly scratched in the same place.

LG is yet to explain how the technology works, but in the description of the YouTube video it did say that only light scratches that occur normally during every day use can be fixed, while recovery from deeper scratches or drops may not be possible.

There are various technologies out there that could be used to offer a self-healing material for use in smartphone and tablets, and we can only assume that more device makers will adopt some of them in the near future – LG is certainly on the right track.

We’ll tell you more about exactly the LG G Flex fixes itself once we find out more details about it ourselves.