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LG G Flex flexible display smartphone spotted in the wild (hands-on video)

A hands-on video of the LG G Flex and an image gallery showing the flexible display smartphone in the wild are available thanks to an Argentinian TV station, even though the handset is not official.
October 23, 2013
LG G Flex Press Render 3

While LG’s first flexible display smartphone – dubbed as the LG G Flex – is not official yet, it somehow managed to appear in the news in Argentina.

As you can see in the image gallery and video below, the G Flex looks pretty much like the handset we saw a few days ago in a few leaked press renders (see image above).

According to Telefe, the device has a 6-inch display, has its buttons placed on the back, G2 style, and is meant to be used to consume content in landscape mode. That explains why its curvature is similar to some LG and Samsung OLED TV models.

Furthermore, the G Flex will supposedly launch next month in South Korea, “with no release planned for the U.S., Europe or Latin America.”

Interestingly, when The Verge contacted LG for further comment, the company was not sure whether the phone shown on Argentinian TV was indeed the “real thing,” or not.

In addition to the LG G Flex, there’s one other smartphone with a curved display ready to hit at least one market, the Samsung Galaxy Round, which will also be available in limited numbers.