LG Etna

LG Etna

German speaking website Chip.de has stumbled across the LG Etna at IFA 2009. Despite the fact that LG and Microsoft signed on together to make Windows Mobile the preferred operating system for LG mobile phones, that hasn’t seemed to stop the South Korean firm popping out an Android device for all to enjoy (and pledging more). Indeed, we’ve already seen another offering in the works.

The thing about the Etna which almost separates it from the other Android based equivalents, is the fact that it does offer a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Since the original HTC G1 Android device, there has not been too much in the way of slide out keyboard devices offering Android. Add in a 3’’ touch-screen display and a useful 5-megapixel camera and you’re away.

A short trip to the LG Germany website reveals that the Etna will be available before Christmas. We were expected a small number of Android based device from LG this year, and it would appear that this holiday season is going to be awash with Android mobile offerings. However, there is no word on priciong for the Etna at the moment, but we will keep an eye out and let you know if anything surfaces.

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