LG logo aa 4 1600

LG, makers of such great Android phones as the Optimus G Pro and Nexus 4, may be branding their upcoming phones in a different light. If reports out of Korea are correct, it seems LG may be dropping the “Optimus” from their flagship device(s), instead opting for a simple tag.

Korean website Chosun.Biz is reporting, exclusively, that LG will utilize the “Optimus” branding for their mid and low range devices. Their higher end devices, like the upcoming G2, will not have the moniker. So, linearly speaking, we’ll transition from the Optimus G to the G2. No high-end Optimus to be seen.

We’ve seen a photo and benchmark score, allegedly of the G2, slip out recently. It shows “G2” on screen, with no mention of “Optimus”. While we didn’t think much of it at the time, it could have been a hint to this news. Then again, it could be as simple as mixed signals on both sides of the world.

It seemed like LG was going to utilize the “Optimus” name in the same light Samsung stamps “Galaxy” on just about everything. It’s recognizable, and immediately eye-catching. LG may just not be worrying about branding, or had negative feedback about the name.

What the device(s) are called is of little importance. Even a recognizable brand like Galaxy only holds up when the device is great, as our only real want is for awesome devices. Call it what you will, we just hope that rumor of a Snapdragon 800 processor behind a 5.2” screen is real.