Coming this November 2, a battery of handsets will be released by T-Mobile. The batch of Android smartphones includes the LG Doubleplay, also codenamed the LG Flip II, as well as the Samsung Exhibit II 4G (codenamed Samsung Ancora and Samsung Galaxy W).

What does the LG Doubleplay have in store for T-Mobile customers? Pocketnow was able to acquire a press shot of the device and the Doubleplay does have something double.

The LG Doubleplay is a dual-screen smartphone offering a second screen display to supplement its main 480×320 main screen; thus, the name of the device.

This is a slider smartphone with a full QWERTY keypad split by a screen on the center. Also, the back cover reveals a branded nameplate on it. Design-wise, it is not the usual smartphone. Its split-QWERTY design is rather odd, especially with a screen in between the two halves.

The secondary screen nestled in the middle of the QWERTY keypad also has its special functions. It would serve as an app launcher–a shortcut tray for the main screen. Moreover, it will function together with the keys; that is, it functions as if it were part of the keypad but designed to be touch-capable.

The LG Doubleplay comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a 5-megapixel camera. It is expected to cost US$150 (with 2-year contract on T-Mobile).

Do you think a unique dual-screen smartphone designed like the LG Doubleplay will click?

Carl Parker
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