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LG calls out Samsung, states that Optimus G has better battery life than the Galaxy S III

What better way to stir up some competition than to claim your product is better than someone else's in a very public way? LG has done just that by claiming that the Optimus G has better battery life than the Samsung Galaxy S III. LG supposedly proved this using a variety of tests that show that the Optimus G battery takes a better beating than Samsung.
October 15, 2012
There is nothing that helps stir up the competition like a little friendly smack talk. It helps keep companies engaged with one another and shows consumers that these companies are, in fact, aware of one another. One of the oldest marketing methods ever is one brand saying that they’re better than another brand. LG recently took this approach by openly stating that the Optimus G has better battery life than the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Korean news outlet, the Korea Herald, has reported that LG ran a series of battery tests on both the Optimus G and the Galaxy S III. The results showed that LG’s offering came out on top. According to the reports, the Optimus G allowed for 15.8 consecutive hours of talk time, 3.8 hours of continuous video recording, and 7.9 hours of video playback. This compared to the 9.5 hours of talk time, 2.8 hours of video recording, and 7.3 hours of video playback for the Galaxy S III.

What is interesting about these reports is that both devices have the same size battery at 2,100mAh. However, LG is stating that their battery technology is better, citing the above statistics as their proof. As if that weren’t enough, LG employees showed the media this by playing a resource intensive video game and streaming everyone’s favorite Psy song.


Is the battery life really better on the LG Optimus G?

If you believe that LG says, then yes. However, keep in mind there were studies conducted once that tried to prove that smoking didn’t cause lung cancer. The battery life findings seem legitimate, but it wouldn’t be the first time a company exaggerated results to make their product look good.

Both phones are otherwise equally impressive. Both have gigantic HD screens and excellent performance. For some, better battery life may be the tipping point on which one they should choose. For others, it may mean more than that. Do keep in mind that the LG Optimus G could be the footprint for the LG Nexus 4. Does the better battery performance give the LG Optimus G and Nexus 4 the edge? Tell us what you think.