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LG betting that focus on design will help G2 boost the company's market share

LG has focused on the G2's design and not only on the power of the hardware as it looks to boost its sales figures for the second half of 2013. Will it be a Galaxy S4 killer?
July 15, 2013
There has been lots of speculation and leaks about LG’s new flagship smartphone – the LG G2 – which is expected to be announced on August 7th. Along with all the rumors about the phone’s technical specification, there is now a new report quoting an LG insider who says that LG has focused on the G2’s design and not only on the power of the hardware.

The report re-confirms that the G2’s power and volume buttons have been moved from the side to the back of the device (just below the lens of its 13MP camera) and that it will have a 5.2 inch full HD display, probably the 2.2mm thin full HD LCD panel unveiled by LG a recently. Also the speakers on the G2 are found on the bottom of the device, rather than on the back, one each side of the USB port.

By shifting the focus away from just the hardware specs and also working more on design and branding, LG is looking to boost its sales figures for the second half of 2013. At the moment LG is the world’s third-largest smartphone manufacturer and sells more than 10 million smartphones worldwide a quarter. The G2, which will drop the Optimus branding, is likely to be the first in a line of LG flagship smartphones using the G nomenclature. If this is true then next year’s model will be the LG G3 and so on.

“Our marketing strategy is to project the G series as LG’s flagship line for the future,” said an unnamed LG official. “The G series has already become an invaluable brand within our company with worldwide reputation and recognition.”

It was rumored that the G2 will have 3GB of RAM for use by the 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor from Qualcomm, however this report suggested a more conventional 2GB of RAM.

Are you excited by the prospect of the G2, could it be a Samsung Galaxy S4 killer?