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LG’s VP in Europe talked about LG’s plans for 2013, which include an Android tablet, but apparently not a device with a flexible display, as it was previously rumored.

The EU VP of LG Mobile, Kim Wong, sat down with the press for an interview, and apparently spilt the beans on some of the devices coming from the upstart Korean electronics manufacturer.

According to Wong, the decision from last year to put tablet development on the backburner has been reversed. Now, LG Mobile is working on a yet to be announced Android-based tablet. According to Dutch website All About Phones, this device may be coming soon, despite the fact that the tablet market is already segmented, as the VP said. No further details have been provided. LG’s previous efforts in the tablet market, such as the Optimus Pad LTE, have been largely unsuccessful.

Kim Wong also tried to downplay the expectations related to LG’s upcoming line of devices equipped with flexible displays. As a refresher, there were multiple reports originating in the Korean press about LG’s progress in the area. The flexible display that was demoed at SID last week was said to come in a commercial product by the end of the year. However, according to the LG executive, the technology isn’t yet mature enough, and we shouldn’t expect a device with a flexible display this year. This statement seems to suggest that LG, like its local rival Samsung, isn’t yet able to reach commercial yields for its plastic-based panel technology.

The executive went on to reiterate LG’s plans to make most of the crucial components that go into its mobile product in-house, and thus emulate Samsung’s very successful strategy.

In related news, Wong also suggested that LG isn’t working on the new Nexus smartphone, and, furthermore, that the company isn’t interested in offering a Google Edition phone, as Samsung did with the GS4, and HTC is said to be doing with the HTC One. However, LG quickly sent a clarification to The Next Web, saying that LG is not working on the next Nexus, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t interested in making it.