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5.5-inch Quad HD display gets certified, possible LG G3 panel?

LG has announced that their 5.5-inch Quad HD AH-IPS LCD panel for smartphones has received certification. LG is now ready to mass produce the 2560x1440 pixel panels, which will be included in an upcoming flagship smartphone.
May 8, 2014
LG QHD Display in hand

LG has just announced that their newest 5.5-inch Quad HD (QHD) AH-IPS LCD panel for smartphones has received certification from NEMKO. As a verified QHD display, running at 2560 x 1440 pixels, LG is now ready to mass produce the panel, which will be included in an upcoming flagship smartphone.

At just 1.2mm thick, and requiring only a 1.15mm bezel, this 5.5 panel should make for some impressive smartphones. LG plans to sell the panel to other manufacturers, and it is expected that the, as-yet rumored, upcoming LG G3 will be LG’s first phone to sport the display. The certification comes from a company called NEMKO, based in Norway, they are an international testing and certification organization for electronic products.

LG QHD Display Presentation

In their press release, LG speaks fairly highly of their accomplishments with this display. Claiming 538 ppi and 100 percent RGB color reproduction. LG had to enhance the pixel structure and aperture ratio in the LTPS backplane to be able to achieve the same level of brightness as a Full HD panel.

LG has already given up some info on these panels, they just want us to know that they have been certified as true QHD, and are ready to start getting on producing them for market. Referenced in the press release, a company called DisplaySearch expects that displays based on LTPS backplanes will see shipments nearing 1 billion units by next year, so we will likely see this, and other Quad HD panels, go into a lot of devices over the coming months.

“These products are going to maintain sufficient competitive advantage in premium product categories where large size, high resolution and low power consumption are key factors.”

We are eager to see what some of our trusted display professionals will have to say about these panels when they eventually start shipping to consumers later this year. For now, what do you think about displays in excess of 500ppi – sure they’re pretty, but are they worth it? Or, as we’ve already asked, do we need 4K displays on our mobile devices?