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Trying to fit a larger, higher resolution screen into a smaller, thinner body has been the name of the game for the past two years, and LG, not one to back down from a challenge, has unleashed its latest 5-inch display with a 1 mm-slim bezel.

LG showed off its latest display at the the Society for Information Display 2013 convention, in Vancouver, where it also demoed its flexible OLED HD panel.

The 5-inch display has only been rated as HD right now, meaning it is most likely of the 720p variant, rather than the Full HD displays that have been seen in high-end smartphones this year. However, the screen does utilize the popular IPS technology, meaning it benefits from the same wide viewing angles as other displays of the same class.

It also uses TFT Oxide technology for low power consumption and the slim bezel which gives its name. The model being showcased is only rated at 250 nits, but LG does expect a higher brightness by the time the screen makes it to the market.

LG hasn’t given an exact time frame as to when the panel will be ready for mass production, only offering the vague “ASAP” statement. Here’s hoping we see an improved pixel density as well. Check out the pictures of the display in action below, courtesy of Engadget.

Impressed with LG’s displays? Looking forward to seeing this screen in LG’s smartphone, perhaps the Nexus 5?