Have you been holding off from buying that long-desired Nexus 4 as you wait for a better deal? Well, online retailer LetsTalk has something you’re looking for: the Google Nexus 4 for just $84.99. That price even becomes lower when you enter the coupon code “TALK4TEN”.

The deal is for the Google Nexus 4 on T-Mobile, which either new or existing customers of the carrier can apply and choose between individual and family accounts.  The estimate price starts at $84.99 and can go as high as $549.99 when you are applying only for a replacement phone (ergo, no changes in contract).  The code “TALK4TEN” provides a 10% discount, which means the $84.99 price is reduced to just $76.50 on-contract.

The code, which saves as much as $25 in a deal, is also usable for other phones the online wireless retailer is selling such as Samsung Galaxy S3 and DROID Incredible. LetsTalk also offers free overnight shipping.

Deals as cheap as this often have some catch or hidden conditions, so always read the contract and necessary documents before signing up. If whatever agreement the contract demands does not suit you, perhaps buying the phone at the Google Play Store and pairing it with an affordable prepaid plan is the more practical choice.

Released on November, the LG Nexus 4 has become so popular among consumers that Google underestimated the demand, causing stocks in various countries to run out every now and then.  Fortunately, both LG and Google seem to have fixed the issues the phone suffered from since launched.

Conan Hughes
Contributor at Android Authority covering all things Android.