Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor family is regarded by many as one of the best processor ‘families’ out there. Thanks to Qualcomm, documentation has leaked containing information that gives us a sneak peak into some of the great stuff they have in store. Read on to find out what they have in their arsenal for their famous line of Snapdragon processors.

It appears to be that the first of these phenomenal and fiery processors from Qualcomm will be built according to their latest Krait version. Both the MSM8930/8960/8270 and APQ8064 will be have the potential of getting clocked up to 2.5 GHz and will use only a fraction of the power seen on SoC’s currently available at this present time. Seemingly, these Snapdragons of the next generation will have support for quad-core processing, 20MP cameras, 3D hardware and have the capacity to be 5 times faster than what is now offered on the market. The heart of Qualcomm chipsets, the Adreno GPU, will provide users “console quality graphics” and will compete with gaming giants like the 3DS and Sony’s Next Generation Portable.

The upcoming Snapdragons are alleged to offer spectacular performance, and will be made available to OEM’s during the latter part of this year. We can anticipate having devices on the market sometime in early to mid 2012.

However, the question as of the moment is this: is the world of mobile technology really ready for this kind of substantial power? In all likelihood, the answer is yes. Either way, competition is heating up even more, and these latest SoC’s we are beginning to see emerge really represent a whole new level of mobile performance. Considering the fact that recent OS’s have yet to completely take advantage of the dual-core processors, we say that there is so much to look forward to!

Source: MobileTechWorld