Everybody loves free Android games (come on, admit it!) and, especially when talking about RPG titles, we’ve had some pretty addictive freemium content released recently. Our good friend Alvin Ybanez compiled a very useful list of role-playing games (some of which, though, aren’t free) for Android just a few days back, but you might want to check out a couple of new titles as well.

Coming from LeTang, the developers behind some pretty popular games like King Pirate, King Fighter, or Zombies Crisis, Apocalypse of Skyland I and King Pirate II have just been unleashed to Google Play and, if you’re willing to give them a shot, might make you spend a few (hundreds) extra hours with your Android device.

Apocalypse of Skyland I

Okay, it might not be Zenonia 4, one of the most popular RPG titles for Android around, but Apocalypse of Skyland I has a certain something that will glue you to your handheld. The story takes place in a world where evil rules (a pretty original idea, you have to admit) and, according to the developers, there are eight possible endings to your battle against the bad guys.

Over 70 hours of gameplay, lots of weapons, attractive quests, and a chaotic world that needs you to restore peace. Sounds good? I personally think it sounds great, but don’t expect spectacular visuals or an overly complex storyline! Then again, the retro graphics are not half bad. The best thing about Apocalypse of Skyland is that it can be played smoothly on any Android device running 2.1 or up, including some pretty old devices.

Also, we have to note that LeTang has so much faith in “Apocalypse of Skyland” that the developers have already made it clear that a sequel is in the works.

King Pirate II

I bumped into the original King Pirate game by chance a while back, and I have to say that I fell in love with the RPG almost instantly. Its sequel looks even cooler and, although once again the visuals are in no way impressive, the action is simply addictive.

King Pirate II stands out from Apocalypse of Skyland by featuring more action, more quests, and therefore being a tad more difficult to finish. Your goal is to explore unknown civilizations and become the supreme King on the sea. Trust me, you’ll have no easy time in doing so!

The list of the updates over the original King Pirate is not overwhelming, but you shouldn’t try to fix something that isn’t broken, now should you?

You can download Apocalypse of Skyland I and King Pirate II for free from Google Play at this and this link. Enjoy and let us know what you think of these two new RPGs from LeTang!