google plus update

When Google Plus first came out, it was a ghost town. These days, it’s more of a quiet conversation. Think of it as an adult version of Facebook without the clutter. The advent of ‘sliders’ to help keep news streams organised is maintaining that image.

The problem with social media today is that, simply put, there’s too much of it. Being seen is free exposure so the average user exploits this into their own platform of self-absorption. Facebook has chosen the ‘hide stories’ feature as a means to an end: that is, cut out some of the noise and get the really good stuff. In the same spirit, Google Plus has invented a similar feature, and implemented ‘sliders’ that pare down the news “flow” even more than what Facebook has done.

Austin Chang from Google+’s team describes it best:

  1. Whether it’s family members or epic bros, we’ve all got circles of friends whose content we don’t want to miss. By moving a circle’s slider all the way to the right, you can now get notified whenever they share something new.
  2. For these select circles, we often have news we really want to share — like getting engaged, or landing a job. In these cases you can now check “Also send email” when sharing, to help make sure your friends see your message.
  3. Finally, we all have a chatty Cathy (or Charles) in our circles. We still want to enjoy their posts in the stream, but we don’t want a notification every time they share with us. Now you can do exactly that: just click “Mute” from notifications or their profile.

So how about it gang? Does sliders sounds like a good tactic to improve the service or does this completely cut down on the random entertainment in social media? Sound off  in the comments below!

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