What is Lens Blur Live Wallpaper

As you can imagine, Lens Blur Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper and thus it does live wallpaper things. You set it as your wallpaper and it then populates your background with lens blur images that you took with Google Camera. It’s not just an image-rotating wallpaper and it does come with some special effects.

Okay here is how it works. You take a bunch of lens blur photos with Google Camera. Lens Blur Live Wallpaper then uses those images as backgrounds for your devices. According to the app description, it gathers up the depth information on your blur photos and then uses that information to create a sort of 3D parallax effect. What this means is elements of the photo will move around depending on what angle you view your device. So it’s a little bit of optical illusion magic that makes your backgrounds pop.

The only real prerequisite needed to use this app is to have photos on your device that were taken with Google Camera’s lens blur effect. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with other photos taken with other cameras. So if you have a nice collection of photos with some good bokeh, it won’t work. It has to be photos taken with Google Camera.

lens blur live wallpaper review


It's free!
It produces a fun and unique effect that looks really cool.
Works with lens blur images taken with Google Camera.
Some options to customize the image such as focus and depth effect sliders.


There is a serious bug that causes crashes that should be fixed soon but it isn't fixed yet.
Only works with the Google Camera lens blur.
The UI could use some refining.

Bottom Line

Overall this is a really cool app for Google Camera enthusiasts to try out. Granted, there are some pretty serious bugs that need fixed for some devices, but we imagine that once those get ironed out the app will be much better. It’s unique and the effect does give devices a fun look. It’s free in the Google Play Store if you want to check it out. Click the button below to get started.

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