In lieu of the patent infringement lawsuits filed by Apple, a strong number of Chinese handset manufacturers have formed an alliance to counter the attack. This group includes key players in Chinese handset vendors such as Lenovo, ZTE, Coolpad, TCL and Konka. Apart from Apple, this union also serves as preparation for any future lawsuit that will be presented against them by other international manufacturers including Nokia and Microsoft.

During Q3 of 2011, the shipment of smartphones has totaled 24 million in China. This led the Asian country to outperform the United States. As such, they have become the largest smartphone market in the world. Considering the fact that these three companies have plans to expand their market in China, it can only be expected that the number of lawsuits will also increase. To start with, Nokia has initiated this and filed its patent infringement case against several Chinese manufacturers.

Moreover, Microsoft is already chasing after Huawei for a licensing deal patent and pay royalties. In response to their threats, Huawei has responded and assured that they already have 65,000 patents throughout the world. This only goes to show that Chinese markets have been underestimated by the bigger fish in the sea. Since ZTE and Huawei have both secured patents for their technologies, they are confident that the lawsuits will not be going anywhere.

‘We have enough to protect our interests. We are a very important stakeholder in Android.’

Chief Marketing Officer Victor Xu said, when asked to comment in behalf of Huawei Devices.

Alone, these Chinese manufacturers are already strong. The merger between them only proves that they will be able to tackle a few of the patent-related lawsuits which have scared other companies.


[Source: DigiTimes]