Tablets nowadays, are designed with specs and features specially suited for mid-level consumers. Lenovo’s ThinkPad however, may just change things by offering specs that are perfect for enterprise-level consumers.

The feel

The Lenovo ThinkPad is not made to be sleek and sly instead, it is bigger and bulkier compared to other tablets we have come to know and love. While some consumers go for the look, there are also some who prefer buying products that are sturdy and durable. This tablet is no exception and has a solid feel, that gives it a higher chance of surviving bumps and falls.

Its case comes with a keyboard plus an optical red pointer, which is the trademark of any ThinkPad product. Consumers need not to worry about program installation since the tablet is already packed with Lenovo software plus apps from their partners. Aside from the 5MP camera on its back, the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet supports video chat with its 2MP front camera.

What to look forward to

Unlike the usual tablets in the market, Lenovo ThinkPad is equipped with a USB port and SD card slot, making it a perfect device for photographers on the go. Aside from being Wi-Fi capable, users can insert their SIM on the device to enjoy 3G coverage. While iPad’s keyboards and cases are often a disappointment, the ThinkPad tablet follows its trademark keyboard. While it is skinnier than its laptop counterpart, users won’t have any difficulty adjusting since there is enough space in between the keys.

Aside from enhanced security and higher levels of encryption, Lenovo also offers their own app store where you can download software and apps which the company promises to be malware free. One of the noticeable features of the ThinkPad is its ability to close open apps with just one click. This isn’t usually found in most Android devices and the task killers that exist today usually encounter crash problems.

What you won’t want about it

Although the ThinkPad tablet is packed with Nvidia dual-core processor, users may experience frequent lagging and delayed reactions from the device. Some bugs that you could expect from the device is its delayed reaction when flipping from landscape to portrait, and its inability to accept more input during editing.

The ThinkPad comes with a full-sized USB port however, the manufacturers did not consider the fact that the keyboard case will be connected to it, and it is during the tablet’s laptop mode that people will want to use a thumb drive the most. Another failed design of the ThinkPad tablet is its hardware buttons that do not work very well and are very stiff to press.

The verdict

Lenovo ThinkPad is one of the best tablets available for enterprise-level consumers however, there are still some quite a number of bugs that the company needs to deal with. Its features offer a lot of potential and if the glitches are fixed as soon as possible, the ThinkPad may just be one of the best-selling tablets available in the market.

via Gizmodo