According to Dilip Bhatia, Lenovo’s VP and General Manager of the ThinkPad business unit, a Think-branded smartphone might be in the cards for Lenovo.

This revelation was made in a recent interview with Chinese website, Sina Tech. Bhatia says that they are looking to gain better brand recognition for the ThinkPad line, particularly among younger consumers. Apparently Lenovo feels that creating a Think-branded smartphone could help them achieve this goal.

If Lenovo handles the situation right, It could also kill two birds with one stone.

Lenovo might already be an established player in the smartphone market, but it still has a lot to prove if it wants to continue to expand its global presence. The Chinese company rose to the top five best-selling smartphone category largely because of its low-cost Android devices that were sold exclusively in China.

To reach beyond this market, they need to ‘Think’ differently. There are already premium handsets like the IdeaPhone K900, but even this high-end handset has come under fire for things like its boring design aesthetics.

By creating a Think-branded phone that is equally powerful and visually appealing, Lenovo could prove they have what it takes to be a bigger player in the smartphone market. In turn, this would generate additional interest in the Think brand, translating to better sales for other Think-branded devices.

Of course, this is mostly speculation at this point. We have no idea what a Think phone would look like, and only have a comment from a Lenovo executive to go by. Still, if Lenovo is serious about creating a Think-branded phone that would appeal to a younger audience, changes are likely needed for the company.

What do you think, would you like to see a Lenovo ThinkPhone?

Andrew Grush
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