Lenovo Smartphones
As far as the American and European markets are concerned, Lenovo might not be a considered a well-known smartphone manufacturer. But according to a recent study, the Chinese company was the second most successful smartphone manufacturer in its home country during the second quarter of 2012, with a market share of 11% of all Chinese smartphone sales in the second quarter. For Lenovo, this is most-welcome progress, as it only ranked seventh in Q1 2012 rankings.

This report is especially meaningful to Lenovo investors since China now represents the biggest smartphone market worldwide, with smartphone shipments reaching 44.4 million units during the second quarter, surpassing feature phone shipments for the first time. As more and more people in Chine turn to smartphones, a strong position in this unique market is a key factor for drawing in something that all businesses want. What else, but heaps of cash, of course?

On to other smartphone manufacturers, Apple saw its shipments plummeting, thanks to a multitude of factors such as strong competition from other smartphone manufacturers, as well as the imminent launch of the sixth generation iPhone — likely to be called the iPhone 5 and expected to be unveiled at the end of September. Apple’s market share dropped from 19% in Q1 to 10% in Q2, as the U.S. company occupies the fourth place in the new shipment rankings. Samsung, as expected, is at the top of the Chinese hill, with a market share of 19%, nearly double that of Apple’s.

While it surely is interesting to see other smartphone manufacturers than Samsung and Apple reporting commercial success, do not expect Lenovo to match its Chinese success in other parts of the world anytime soon! Are you planning to buy a Lenovo smartphone soon? Thoughts and comments are most welcome in the section below!