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Lenovo S920 leaked - a supersized mid-range smartphone with Android 4.2

After unveiling the high-end K900, Lenovo needs to think about consolidating its already impressive homeland smartphone sales. And what better way to do that than through a stylish supersized mid-ranger with a friendly price point?
March 8, 2013
Lenovo S920-2

The past several years have been really hard on most major PC manufacturers, but not on Lenovo. The China-based corporation has more than thrived under pressure, boosting its profits when almost everyone else was bleeding money.

And after climbing to number two in the PC vendor ranks, Lenovo is now obviously looking for a new challenge. Which might well be the smartphone world. The Intel-based K900 can be called the company’s first real venture in the high-end phone niche, especially that we expect it to get a global release pretty soon.

Meanwhile, the company needs to consolidate its already impressive homeland smartphone sales and what better way to do that than unveiling a stylish supersized mid-ranger with a friendly price point?

Lenovo S920-3

Said device, allegedly named S920, is not yet official, but, according to sources close to MyDrivers, it should go on sale in a couple of months. We already have a bunch of photos showing off the 5.3-incher and you can pick up on the HTCButterfly “homage” from a mile away.

The bright colors, the slim body and even the curves and edges of this new “phablet” scream Butterly. Not that it’s a bad thing. After all, HTC’s big guy is a very stylish slab of silicon, so why not take a few design cues from it?

As far as hardware goes, the S920 is not to break any records, as it’s supposed to pack a quad-core Mediatek MT6589 processor and, we’re guessing, 1 GB of RAM. The MT6589, while boasting four active cores, is barely faster than a dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip, so we don’t think we’re wrong when saying the S920 is not to be a high-ender.

Lenovo S920

The new phone’s leakers have been mum on the display’s resolution, but the chances of it being Full HD are slim. 720p is definitely in the cards, which is still okay provided the price will be right. The only other details known at this time is the thing will be running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean (which is nice) and the battery will be a 2,250 mAh unit (not so cool).

Obviously, everything will hang on pricing, but we’re fairly certain Lenovo can deliver and make the S920 irresistible. At least for folks over in China, because we don’t think the 5.3-incher will enjoy a global launch anytime soon.