During tonight’s CES unveiled event, Lenovo gave people a sneak peek into their new smartphone, the Lenovo S2. While it still does not run the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, its specs made up for the unit.

The Gingerbread based phone had rounded curves, a stand-out from the common rectangular shape of similar all black Android units. It has a 3.8-inch display screen with 800x480px resolution that gives an impressive brightness and clarity. It has a clean layout which allows shortcuts from frequently used apps to be pinned on the home screen. On Android Gingerbread, the S2 has a custom-built skin running on it. More details about an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade to be revealed soon.

But what really made this phone different from the rest aren’t just its rounded curves. According to Lenovo, they have included a unique kernel-level security system on the S2 which is responsible for protecting the user’s data. This system also prevents phishing and traffics SMS messages. Apart from the high level of security, the S2 is also equipped with Lenovo’s automatic cloud-syncing feature for music, photos and other data. .

With regards to its pricing and availability, Lenovo has not made any formal announcements yet. However, they did say that the phone will be sold in China immediately. But with these features on a smartphone, we’re pretty sure Lenovo will come out with more.