Back at CES 2013 Lenovo unveiled the impressive Lenovo K900, an Intel Clover Trail-powered smartphone that packed plenty of power under the hood. Now its late April and the K900 finally has an official release date of May 6th.

For those Android fans that like their screen sizes that push the boundaries of phone and tablet, the Lenovo K900 delivers with a 5.5-inch 440+ ppi display. Beyond the display, the handset features an Intel Clover Trail 2.0GHz dual-core processor, accompanied by 2GB RAM. Other specs for the K900 include a 13MP camera and Android 4.2 right out of the box.

Excited to check out the Lenovo K900 for yourself? Unfortunately it is doubtful that Lenovo will launch the handset anywhere outside of China and a few of its Far East neighbors. That’s a damn shame as it would be nice to have such a high-end Intel offering as an alternative to more commonplace brands like HTC, Samsung and Motorola.

Who knows, maybe Lenovo will realize that with many other Chinese brands starting branching out to the international market, they too should get in the game.

If Lenovo did eventually bring the Lenovo K900 to your local market, would you be interested in the handset?