It seems that everyone except Apple has made an Android tablet now. And just one is not enough, with manufacturers going to great lengths to make multiple versions. Lenovo is no exception. Clocking in with three Android Tablets on the market today, ranging from $229 to $499, Lenovo hopes that the fourth will be the charm.

Although you would expect yet another Lenovo tablet to come into the market unnoticed, it has already made some noise because of two key features. Engadget says that, “the Chinese company will release a new 10.1-inch tablet by the end of the year, and unsurprisingly, Ice Cream Sandwich along with NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 T33 are on the menu. Other features include 2GB of speedy 1,600MHz DDR3 RAM, a standard USB host socket (covered by a not-so-elegant pop-out flap), a back-facing camera of unknown resolution, a ‘Special Fusion-Skin Body’ and, most interestingly, a fingerprint scanner that apparently doubles as an optical joystick on the seemingly flat backside.”

In addition, the ‘tipster’ believes that this tablet will be a 1.6 GHz quad-core monster that should be relatively thin. Finally, with the Transformer Prime already surfacing, this tablet should be making its debut before the end of the year. Either way, we will keep you posted and update you as soon as we find out more information.

What do you think? Can Lenovo make its name in the Android tablet market? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Engadget

Matthew Sabatini
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