Photos of a 5-inch device from Lenovo have been spotted circulating the Internet lately.  Tech site Engadget claims to have received the photos from an anonymous tipster.

From the looks of it, this device is promising. The sleek form factor accentuated with the orange strip around the edges radiates elegance. The front facing camera and the tiny dent right beside it suggest that this device is really a smartphone not just a tablet.Specs have not been disclosed yet, so we can’t really tell if this is really an Android smartphone or just a 5-inch Android tablet. Engadget had mentioned that this could run a dual-core processor and is expected to be marketed in China under the LePad brand.

The pictures also show a Micro USB port presumably for charging and PC connectivity. HDMI output is also present.

This device is said to be Lenovo’s contender in the 5-inch category of tablets. If this device hits the market, it will be directly competing against the Samsung Galaxy Note. There is not much competition in the 5-inch category yet, but the Galaxy Note is a tough one to beat. And, add to that the fact that the Dell Streak 5 failed in this arena.

If Lenovo would really push forward with this new 5-inch tablet/smartphone, it could be a hit or miss for the company. But, then again, if it’s something that can be very helpful in productivity, people might give it a go.

What do you think of Lenovo’s potential newcomer into the 5-inch smartphone/tablet market?