Lenovo Vibe Z first look hands on rear

Lenovo will release new Chromebook models at multiple price points this summer, a company executive revealed.

In 2013, Chromebooks went from being just a faint blip on the radar of consumers, to being a slightly brighter blip with a promising future. Big PC makers like Dell and HP have added Chrome OS powered devices to their lineups, and overall, product awareness just increased, to the point that Chromebooks scored two of the top three places on Amazon’s bestselling list.

Lenovo launched its first Chromebook in January of last year, but the device was only sold in the educational market. Now the Chinese company, the largest PC vendor in the world, is ready for a serious push, Jay Parker, president of Lenovo in North America told CNET during CES. For this summer, Lenovo plans “multiple Chromebook models” that will cover multiple configurations and price levels, said the exec.

we believe the market will accelerate greatly in the next 12 months

Parker is optimistic for the evolution of Chrome OS devices: “I think Chromebooks can be very impactful in the market really quickly […] we believe the market will accelerate greatly in the next 12 months.”

Chromebooks have been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise desolate landscape for the PC industry, which has been facing a drastic contraction, as more people are turning to their smartphone and tablets for their basic computing needs.

As for smartphones and tablets, the exec refused to say when Lenovo would finally tackle the US market, but the goal is to make it “sooner rather than later.” Lenovo introduced its first LTE-enabled phone, the Vibe Z, earlier this week at CES.

Bogdan Petrovan
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