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Lenovo expands DOit series apps with SNAPit Camera and SEEit Gallery

Lenovo has announced today at Mobile World Congress 2014 that they'll be expanding their DOit app line up with SNAPit and SEEit coming soon!
February 23, 2014
DOit Lenovo
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It’s Mobile World Congress 2014 and if you thought for a moment that it going to be all about devices and hardware, you were mistaken! Lenovo announced today that they will be expanding their DOit series apps. Currently, these apps include SECUREit, SYNCit, and SHAREit which are available in the Google Play Store now. Today, they’ll be adding SNAPit and SEEit.

SNAPit is a new camera application. According to the press release (below), SNAPit will come with multiple shooting modes such as burst mode and panorama mode as well as a special mode to help with low lighting conditions. If smartphone cameras needed help with anything, it’s low lighting conditions. Aside from that, users have a small suite of light-editing tools at their disposal including object removal and, of course, filters. This camera app will also have GIF support so you can create your own custom GIFs.

SEEit is the gallery app that kind of goes hand in hand with the SNAPit app. SEEit offers the same editing tools as its camera counterpart as well as a unique way of sorting photos based on facial recognition. The other apps in the DOit series use the recommended Android design standard and we have no reason to believe that SEEit Gallery won’t follow suit in terms of app design.

As a quick refresher, the other three apps are SYNCit, SHAREit, and SECUREit. SYNCit allows for a full syncing of your call logs, SMS, and contacts list. Users can back up and restore these things on any Android device which can be quite helpful when switching devices. SECUREit is Lenovo’s antivirus solution. It comes with your standard antivirus features like anti-malware support and anti-theft. It also blocks spam texts and phone calls. SHAREit is by far our favorite of the bunch. It creates a P2P network between devices that allows you to share directly with others. This means outside network sources like WiFI hotspots, mobile data, Bluetooth, NFC, etc aren’t necessary. The phones connect directly to one another using the WiFi radio and transfers then take place. You can transfer files of any size although it is pretty much limited to media files only. It also has cross platform support with Windows PC, iOS, and Android.

All of these apps will be loaded onto Lenovo Android devices but only SHAREit, SECUREit, and SYNCit will be available in the Google Play Store. This is both good and bad because bloatware is never received very well but they did follow suit with the growing trend of putting system apps in the Play Store for easier updating and so other people can use them. For more details on the DOit series apps, check out the Press Release button below. Will anyone be giving these a try?

Lenovo Premieres New Suite of Premium Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

Share, Secure, Sync, Snap and See with Lenovo’s New DOit Series of Apps

BARCELONA – February 23, 2014: PC+ leader Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) today at the 2014

Mobile World Congress announced a new suite of DOit apps designed to help people simplify their digital lives, allowing them to easily share, sync, protect and manage precious information on their smartphones and tablets. Comprised of five essential apps that address the key concerns of mobile users, the DOit app series includes:

 SHAREit – shares information instantly between multiple devices without network charges

 SECUREit – speeds up devices and secures them from viruses and malware

 SYNCit – backs up and restores contacts, SMS messages and call logs

 SNAPit Camera – provides a powerful camera app with multiple shooting modes

 SEEit Gallery – allows one-touch creative editing and efficient photo management
Instantly Share Memories and More with SHAREit SHAREit is the only mobile file transfer app users need: SHAREit lets people instantly share1videos, music files, documents, contacts and even apps on their device with other devices or groups of devices. This useful app eliminates the need for messy and time-consuming cables because it transfers information wirelessly between devices. What’s more, sharing files occurs even without Bluetooth, a phone network or active Wi-Fi network nearby. Users simply connect directly using their device’s WiFi radio, which avoids any network charges. SHAREit not only works across Lenovo smartphones and tablets, but also with iOS devices and even Windows PCs1

Users can instantly share a party video, music album or photo library with up to five friends at once. And it can share huge files or videos in seconds at up to 40x faster than Bluetooth. Devices with SHAREit installed can automatically find each other when in range, and users can even share the app itself wirelessly to start rapid sharing immediately.

Optimize and Protect Mobile Data with SECUREit As more people carry confidential information on their tablets and smartphones, securing that data has never been more important. Lenovo SECUREit contains a variety of data-protection tools to prevent threats and to keep devices running at optimum performance levels.

SECUREit protects against viruses, spam and malware that scans for threats with a single touch. In case of loss or theft, anti-theft protection locks down the device in case someone tries to change the SIM card, which makes the device unusable without a password. SECUREit also contains a privacy guard to protect against unwarranted access to users’ private information. Additionally, it blocks spam text messages and calls, tracks data usage and can even encrypt private calls and contacts.

SECUREit not only protects a user’s device, but also makes it run faster. By closing redundant background apps and wiping the cache clean, it clears the device’s memory to focus on important tasks.

SYNCit A Continuous Personal Backup Assistant With ever-growing lists of contacts, setting up a new device can be a challenge. SYNCit offers instant backup of contacts, SMS message and call logs in the cloud, which can be restored to any Android smartphone or tablet in seconds with a single touch. SYNCit serves as a user’s personal backup assistant.

Camera Apps Make Taking and Managing Photos a Snap

Created especially with smartphones in mind, the SNAPit Camera and SEEit Gallery apps fuse user-centric hardware and software for an intuitive photo experience. SNAPit Camera gives users unprecedented flexibility for shooting in specific modes (such as panorama or burst mode) for wide-angle shots, low-light situations and more. It also offers special filters and effects. Users can then edit photos right inside the app: They can remove unwanted objects and even create fun, animated GIF files.

SEEit Gallery complements SNAPit Camera with its unique gallery interface for impressive photo viewing. The app uses facial recognition to automatically categorize photos into folders. Additionally, it includes several one-touch filters and effects, including skin tone enhancements.


“We’ve created a premium mobile experience by marrying our elegant and powerful smartphones and tablets with an unparalleled software app experience that makes our devices incredibly simple to use and compatible with virtually any other device a user wants to share and sync with,” said Liu Jun, executive vice president, Mobile Business Group, Lenovo. “The DOit series of apps zeros in on the ways people use their devices, making their experience safer, more efficient and just overall better.”


SHAREit comes preloaded on all new Lenovo Android tablets and smartphones and is also available for download on the Google Play store free of charge. It will also be available for download on the Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad, as well as for Windows PCs starting in February.

SYNCit and SECUREit come preloaded on all new Lenovo Android smartphones and selected tablets. They are also available for free on Google Play. SYNCit is available for all brands of smartphones and tablets. SECUREit is available for Lenovo smartphones and selected tablets, as well as for smartphones on non-Lenovo devices. SNAPit Camera and SEEit Gallery are only available preloaded on selected Lenovo tablets and smartphones.

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Subject to any charges applicable to such other apps. iOS and Windows PC support will be available beginning in April 2014. iOS devices limited to iPad and iPhone and functionality limited to photos, video, music and contacts. 2 All offers subject to availability. Lenovo reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice.