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Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giants of smartphone fame, have shifted gears significantly with the arrival of their new “Mi Notebook Air”, which is being likened to Apple products due to naming and design similarities. Hot on the heels of Xiaomi’s announcement, Lenovo is eager not to miss out on the computing fun, with the launch of its new Lenovo Air 13 Pro.

[related_videos title=”Lenovo in video:” align=”right” type=”custom” videos=”697733,697490,676074,676065″]The Lenovo Air 13 Pro has a 13’3-inch IPS display powered by an Intel i5 6200U processor, 4GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage. At $750 the laptop sits favourably in similar standing as the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air with the main difference being more RAM (8GB) and a slightly more powerful processor on the Xiaomi notebook. The largest difference is arguably the addition of a fingerprint reader on the Lenovo notebook, a useful feature that may be the tipping point for unsure customers.

What are your thoughts on this modern day tech battle? Which of these notebooks would you introduce into your setup and why?

This article first appeared on our sister site TabTimes.com

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