Earlier today we read a South Korean report that detailed a soon-to-be-announced Samsung Galaxy handset, the Galaxy Grand, and now it’s time to look at a Chinese article that details an unknown Lenovo Android handset.

While we have no idea what kind of the device this Lenovo smartphone is, other that it “should be Lenovo’s next-generation flagship model [and] should belong to he Lok Phone K series, Music Phone K860 successor [Google translation],” the report reveals that the device will feature a Full HD display.

Following the HTC J Butterfly / Droid DNA/ Deluxe, it looks like more and more Android device makers are interested in fitting their flagship devices with such impressive displays, with these Lenovo screenshots getting leaked on the same day we heard Samsung and LG are working on their own smartphones with Full HD resolution panels.

In addition to display characteristics, Tech Sina also reveals that the Lenovo smartphone will feature dual network support (CDMA 3G and GSM 2G,) which may be good enough for certain markets in China, but it won’t please international buyers that may be interested in the device.

The device will run either Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean out of the box, according to the leaked screenshots that are available to the public, but we’ll tell you more about it once Lenovo makes it official.

Anyone looking for a new Lenovo smartphone?