Lemon is a new way of accessing your portfolio of receipts at your fingertips. This new app lets you scan receipts from a multitude of stores, and saves them on your personal database. Just about any store you can think of, Lemon can scan.

Now, getting into the critical side of things, Lemon is indeed a great innovation. However, the developers do have a few bugs on their hands that they will need to address. One of the major bugs consist of a “total app freakout”, when screens transition between the home screen for the app, and the “labels” page.

Taking snapshots of your recent purchases is a synch. Just click the icon named, “Scan Receipts”, and it will capture and scan receipts with your camera. After this easy process, the app will bring you to Labels, as mentioned before.

Labels in Lemon are one of the major key factors that keep your data organized. Even though Lemon will recognize what stores and category your receipt follows, it is a good thing to make the organizing as specific as possible.

And that is another thing, recognizing. This feature is superb, but, the time it takes to collect data after taking the image is about anywhere from 5-25 minutes, depending on your receipt.

But, I have to say, Lemon is a great app if you are in business, or want to be really organized for doing taxes. On a scale rating, I would give this app a 3.5/ 5, due to the current bugs it has. I am sure that the Lemon team will fix these in no time.

I made a video introducing Lemon, and its key features for any mobile money manager on the move.


So, will you use Lemon? What do you hope they add? I would love to hear your comments!

Source and Image: Lemon

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