Unless you fall within the 5-12 age bracket, you can’t find too many exciting LEGO-inspired games on the Android platform. One developer is hoping to change that by releasing the action-packed LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack.

The first installment of LEGO Hero Factory is not supposed to hit Google Play until January 2013, but the game has been released early and can now be downloaded for free.

The top-down 3D shooter game is based on LEGO’s Hero Factory line, so you’ll get to play those characters in Brain Attack. Your objective is to stop the army of evil brains from destroying the Makuhero City. You can customize your choice of hero with a wide range of weapons and armor, as well as picking your very own sidekick to help you blast those brains to oblivion.

As you battle the baddies, you’ll get game points to upgrade your weapons and defenses. It’s quite refreshing to see that there doesn’t seem to be any in-app purchasing for now. According to Amuzo, a major update is due to come at the end of January, which will bring more content and features to the game.

Hit the link to check out LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack.

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