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Probably the most colorful executive in the industry – though it’s not hard to stand out among all those buttoned-up suits – T-Mobile’s John Legere is known for his straight talking, competitor bashing, and love of everything magenta.

T-Mo is currently in a spat of sorts with bigger rival AT&T, after Legere called AT&T “desperate” for offering T-Mobile users an enticing buy back option for changing sides.

Things took a turn for the hilarious yesterday at CES, when John Legere came by AT&T’s party uninvited, wearing his trademark magenta T-Mobile t-shirt concealed by a typically un-corporate leather jacket. CNET’s Roger Cheng spotted the CEO and tweeted a pic of himself and Legere, confirming that he effectively crashed his competitors’ party.

Less than an hour later, Cheng tweeted that security escorted Legere out of the party under frowned looks from AT&T’s reps. “Oh wow”, indeed.

Maybe John Legere wanted to see Macklemore, who performed at AT&T’s party, but we have a feeling the CEO didn’t crash AT&T’s event just for kicks. Publicity like this is priceless, especially ahead of a big announcement from T-Mobile. The company is expected to announce the next phase of its Uncarrier strategy at its CES event today. Uncarrier 4.0 will reportedly give users up to $350 credit to switch from other networks.

Regardless of Legere’s agenda, we still appreciate the splash of color that his irreverence brings to an otherwise lifeless corporate landscape. Do you?

Bogdan Petrovan
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