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Learn how to master Blockchains in 4 steps

Mystified by blockchains? Here's a starting point. This $610 learning kit is now going for less than $30.
November 2, 2017

Some believe that it won’t be long before our entire society will essentially run on Blockchain fuel. Blockchains are at the core of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and are becoming increasingly relied-upon for decentralized, encrypted record keeping and exchange.

It is thought that blockchains will soon be used for such things as medical records, identity management, transaction recording, provenance documentation, and food tracking.

The draw to blockchains is that they are secure by design. They essentially didn’t exist until 2008, but since then they’ve exploded onto the crypto/tech scene in a big way.

But how can you leverage blockchains to do your bidding?

In addition to being a valuable skillset for any coder, blockchain wizardry makes you a valuable candidate for any number of careers ranging from IT to cryptography to security to research. This potentially intimidating skillset can actually be readily acquired through online courses, but the problem is that the best courses cost some pretty serious cash.

The good news is that sometimes course developers bundle their courses together to attract more students.

The Complete Ethereum Blockchain Mastery Bundle, for instance, normally costs $610. It includes 4 popular, comprehensive learning kits that take you from total beginner to blockchain master. The bundle currently has over 1,000 students enrolled and sports a solid 5-star rating.

If $610 sounds like a bit too much, then you’re in luck. For an extremely limited time, the course instructors are making their learning kits available at a flash sale price of $29.

That’s 4 learning kits and 272 lessons for less than $30.

Ready to become a master of the obvious Next Big Thing in cryptography, security, and economics? Click the button below to start becoming a blockchain guru!


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