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Learn how to grow your tech interest into a lucrative career

Are you still giving away your tech expertise for free? Are you working a job you hate? Why do you do the things that you do? Stop it! Go pro.
October 4, 2017

What are you doing out there? Still working some menial job you hate and getting paid by the hour? Still serving as your friends and family’s go-to “tech guy” for free? You know people actually make good money using the skills you’ve passively developed as a tech enthusiast, don’t you?

Stop giving away your talent and wasting your days doing things you hate.

Start turning your interests into your income. Now. Today. You’re just going to come up with more excuses tomorrow, and you know it.

The Goal

The end-game here is naturally to secure an IT position with a company you respect. However, the threshold guardian standing between you and that dream is going to be the CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam.

A lack of CompTIA A+ certification is reputedly a dealbreaker for upwards of 95 percent of HR departments hiring IT positions, so passing it with gusto is pretty much mandatory.

Where to Start

Some people go to school for years to learn the skills they need to pass the exam and be proficient IT experts. They may even take additional courses or hire private tutors specifically for exam studying. This is the old model, and it’s expensive.

To the ire of university computer science departments nationwide, the landscape is rapidly shifting. Online courses are quickly becoming the norm for educating one’s self to proficiency in a variety of fields, and the places we’re seeing this the strongest is coding, IT, and network security.

The landscape is rapidly shifting.

These courses can still be pretty pricey, however. Especially if you’re buying the individually. And you’re going to need to take several to get a full curriculum. Just like the traditional route, you can’t take one Biology 101 course and then expect to get your degree in bioengineering.

The good news is that online course creators like to bundle together related courses to create a kind of lesson plan. Their benefit is that they increase their enrollment, making their classes more attractive. Your benefit is that you don’t break the bank, and you don’t have to worry about what course to take next: they’re all laid out for you.

Best Option

If this is your gameplan, then we recommend the Comprehensive IT Kickstarter Bundle from iCollege. Not only does it cover all the groundwork needed to be an IT professional, it also includes full preparation for the CompTIA A+ exam.

Rather than learning the trade and then studying for the exam, you study as you go, massively increasing the pace at which you are achieving your goals.

Start making money instead of giving your talents away for free.

The bundled course usually goes for somewhat of a discount off of its $3,289 value (if you were to buy the courses individually) but for the next few days, it’s been heavily discounted to $49 as part of a promotion.

You can actually double down on your savings if you purchase this bundle through Tech Deals, because they’re having a site-wide 10 percent discount in honor of Google’s Pixel launch. So even though this has nothing to do with the Pixel, just use PIXEL10 as a coupon code when you checkout to save even more.

The Bundle in a Glance

That’s 11 courses for less than one-sixth the price of one. All these discounts stack together to around 98 percent off, which is a pretty rare find.

Ready to turn your interests into a career and start making money instead of giving your talents away for free? Click the button below to get started!


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