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Clueless Noob to Published Developer in 16 hours: The fastest dev course we’ve seen

If you get bored by teachers who move too slow, then this is the development course for you. No padding, no repetition: learn Android fast.
September 16, 2016

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If there’s one thing we’ve noticed about our readership lately, it’s that many of them are very interested in developing their own apps.

We took to the internet to find out what Android developer courses are available, and so far the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Today we’re taking a look at the quickest quality dev course we’ve seen so far.

Who is this course for?

The problem with online courses is that they tend to target a very wide audience. Most people learn at a relatively slow rate, so highly detailed videos that walk you through each discrete step tend to be the most popular and beloved.

But not everybody learns like that. Some people are able to be told something the first time, and they get it. They don’t need handholding, and they’re willing to make leaps of logic to connect ideas faster than a conventional teacher can lay down the connective tissue for slower learners.

This is an Android developer course for those kids who were tinkering around on their TI-83’s in the back of math class because they’d already finished all their homework.

How is this course so fast?

Some people might balk at the breakneck speed this course claims. Theoretically, if you’re willing to bust your butt, they’re saying you could literally have your first app published in the Google Play Store by this time tomorrow even if you don’t know a lick of code now.

Like we noted, this is a course for fast learners who are good at extrapolating.

It’s designed to get you over the hump of learning the basics as quickly as possible so that you can start meaningfully playing around with your recently acquired tools.

How do they do that?

Instead of focusing on developing a long chain of increasingly complex apps, this course walks you through the entire process of building a single, custom to-do list app.

Wait, what? A To-Do List app?

task list app

It may seem counter-intuitive, but whether you want to learn how to build a game, personal finance app, or a fitness tracker, to-do list apps require essentially all the basics of Android programming. This gives you a foundation that you can build off of right away.

What’s more is that to-do list apps are instantly marketable, meaning you can actually start selling apps right away.

If you’re on our desktop site, take a look at our side-bar to the right and scroll a bit. You’ll see we have a module for our Best Apps lists.

You might have been expecting one of our Best Games lists to be riding along the top of that module, but it’s not. On most days, our most popular list is “10 best to do list apps for Android.”

With this course, you begin as a codeless scrub and end with a marketable app in your hand that’s totally your own.

And if you’re wondering how making an app so similar to other students could be marketable, just ask John Hayward-Mayhew, that 25-year-old who made nearly $1 million reskinning the same handful of games 600 different ways.

learn icon design

You’ll learn how to code, best design practices, and even Photoshop and Illustrator to develop icons and design elements for your personal, professional-grade app.

This all takes place over the course of 110 micro-lectures that span just over 16 hours of video.

Okay, what’s the catch?

Normally, there would be one. This course usually runs for $80, which is a fairly steep price tag for 16 hours of content.

However, we’ve spoken with Udemy about the interest our readers have been showing in developing their own apps, and they’ve agreed on a promo deal that knocks 76% off that price, meaning you can snag lifetime access to the entire package for just $19.

Best of all, there’s literally zero risk to making this investment, as the course teachers will give you your money back if you’re not satisfied within 30 days. You can get a pretty good feel for whether or not a course this rapid is a good match for you over the course of a month.

To take advantage of this offer, use the promocode ANDROIDA19 when you checkout, or click the button below to automatically apply the discount.

If you’ve got a mind sharp enough to keep up, it’s never been cheaper or easier to break into the world of Android. We were only able to secure this discount for 7 days, and after that the course will return to its normal $80 price.

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