Our earlier reports on the 10-inch HTC Puccini so far only showed its hardware powers. Screenshots recently tipped to tech blog Pocketnow, however, give us a preview of what the HTC Puccini’s user interface looks like–and it surely looks lovely.

A cursory view of the screenshots had us thinking that the HTC Puccini’s user interface is a themed one–presumably HTC Sense–pretty much like the Samsung TouchWiz UX user interface.

One noteworthy observation is the presence of a pen icon on the navigation bar. The pen seems to confirm that the HTC Puccini will support stylus-based input (HTC Scribe) just like the HTC Flyer does. A lot of preloaded apps are present, too.

Another item worth noting is the virtual keyboard with a number pad when the tablet is rotated to landscape orientation. By the looks of it, the keyboard looks just like the one from HTC Sense. We’re excited to find out soon how usable this keyboard-with-numpad will turn out to be.

The network status icon on the leaked screenshots shows that the tablet was hooked up to an “H+” network. However, it is possible that AT&T will launch this tablet as one of the first few Android devices to ride on its upcoming “true 4G” LTE network.

Recently approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the HTC Puccini may soon debut, probably this month or in September.

Are you considering this tablet for your holiday shopping?

Image credit: Pocketnow