As you may have already heard Google Music is officially launching this Wednesday. Further raising expectations and fueling excitement, screenshots showing how Google’s music purchase service is going to look on an Android smartphone were just recently leaked out to the public. The images were stumbled upon by a blogger of the Spanish language site TecnoDroidVe. It hasn’t yet been clarified how the screenshots were accessed or acquired.

Although the images seem to reveal a work-in-progress, they are nevertheless encouraging. It looks like the typically anticipated features are going to be present. There is going to be album art and recommendations for similar artists to make searching easier. It also appears that there’s still going to be some free music in the form of ‘free song of the day’ offerings. This is a feature that’s already present in the beta version through the Magnifier music blog.

The cloud-based music service is Google’s answer to iTunes and Zune. It was announced in this year’s Google I/O last May and although it will soon be out of beta there are reports that there’s still a lot of work going on behind the scenes. According to the LA Times, the search giant and some of the major record companies are still in the process of settling negotiations that have actually been going on for more than year. Will Google Music’s selection be as wide as its competition? Will the few bugs be finally ironed out of the app? We’ll all just have to wait for what comes out on Wednesday.

Via androidcentral