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Samsung moves to block unofficial use of S Voice, wants to keep it fresh for the Galaxy S3 [Updated]

May 21, 2012

Updated with workaround for Samsung’s restriction. See below. Thanks, Frank!

While not everyone is enamored with the design of the Samsung Galaxy S3, apparently people don’t mind getting an early taste of the phone’s smart software. It started with Flipboard, a supposedly exclusive social magazine app for the Galaxy S3, which was extracted from the device merely days after its introduction. Then came the wide availability of the Galaxy S3’s ROM, which gave way for even more goodies to come. One of said goodies is Samsung’s answer to Siri, the Samsung S Voice.

The APK for Samsung S Voice was highly sought after, and it did make its way to other Android devices sooner than you can say Siri, though it only seems to work on devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately, the happy days may not last for too long, since Samsung has apparently grown weary of seeing the S Voice everywhere but on the Galaxy S3.

The Korean company is reportedly working with Vlingo – the service that powers the S Voice app — to block requests made from unauthorized devices. Some of those who tried to use the leaked app in the past 24 hours have reported that they received a “Network Error. Please Try Again” message. Others said that the requests weren’t even processed. This might be a sure sign that the quality time with S Voice is over. At least until devs find a workaround to the process that blocks non-Galaxy S3 devices from using the the service.

If you’ve missed the boat on Samsung S Voice — it’s basically a personal voice assistant software that allows you to control many aspects of your phone using your voice. Like Siri, the S Voice lets you use personalized voice commands to launch apps, take pictures, control music playback, and a lot more.

Have you given the S Voice a test yet? Is it still working on your device?

[Update] As our reader Frank points out, there is a simple workaround against Samsung restrictions. Check it out here: