The QWERTY slider phone that we reported last week as AT&T’s upcoming variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II may actually be a different phone. This means that Samsung may, in fact, have two different Android phones coming to AT&T–one of which is the QWERTY slider and the other, the Samsung Galaxy Attain (its rebrand of the Samsung Galaxy S II).

Tech blog Boy Genius Report (BGR), who originally acquired the photos of what was allegedly AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy Attain has been tipped off by a “trusted source” that the handset is a separate one and that it will be launched “soon.”

Phone information on the alleged QWERTY variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II headed for AT&T (Photo credit: BGR)

Part of the confusion seems to have stemmed from the handset model number shown on the photo–SGH-i927–which was the same internal code that Samsung reportedly used for the Samsung Galaxy S II before it was launched.

The handset in the leaked photo may have been a test model based on the Galaxy S II, and BGR notes that several test models use the same model number.

BGR also pointed out a curious observation regarding the kernel version number shown on the photo: version, which is a Honeycomb kernel and not a Gingerbread kernel.

Whether AT&T will be releasing two new Samsung smartphones soon is still up in the air. There’s no definitive word yet about the QWERTY slider’s impending debut to the market, nor of the Samsung Galaxy Attain.

Meanwhile, what seems to be the Samsung Galaxy Within (Sprint’s rebrand of the Galaxy S II) has been cleared by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and has been given the FCC ID A3LSPHD710. It has been determined to carry CDMA/EvDO and WiMAX radios.

The Samsung Galaxy Function, Verizon’s rebrand of the Galaxy S II, has been rumored to arrive exclusively on Verizon first before other carriers release theirs.

Many in the U.S. are still awaiting the Samsung Galaxy S II. Are you one of them?