Following on from our story about the QiGi i6, we have subsequently been able to get our hands on a video of the device running Android like a charm pretty well.

QiGi are a Chinese based firm, so naturally the version of Android on display reveals symbols that are rather incomprehensible to the monolingual English speaking person. But fear not! If you fall into this category and your Chinese isn’t quite up to the test, the video shows that pretty much everything works as you would expect, and the things that do not work are mainly this way due to the phone itself being an early model without a proper carrier.

We would perhaps like to see more differentiation between the Android menus and the available menu selection options (something the iPhone does rather well while the traditional Blackberry 8300 does not). The form factor of this device is arguably more appealing when seen in the flesh as opposed to just a static image and it is easy to see why QiGi appear to have taken a leaf out of HTC’s book in terms of the ergonomic design.

Overall we are quite excited because this is merely just the beginning of a long line of new hand-sets to roll out in 2009 with Android!

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.