Whoever sebbsit168.com is, he’s sure become a celebrity overnight! Thanks to him, we were able to witness what may have been the Sony Ericsson Nozomi (LT26i) running the highly anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)! Even though we really can’t tell for sure (considering its tiny cropped and watermarked photo), many believe that its official name may actually turn out to be the XPERIA Cloud. After all, Nozomi is most likely just the device’s internal name. This still hasn’t been confirmed yet though. Nevertheless from the looks of it, the ICS is looking pretty sleek on the 4’ display.

A closer look at the photo will let you realize a few things. The first is that underneath the Camera heading, it is obvious that the device is capable of a 1920×1080 video capture. Another thing worth noting is that it has microSD support and a dual core processor. Comparing it with the Galaxy Nexus, the device looks like it has three softkeys located just nearby its edge. Thus, it looks like its navigation has not been entirely dedicated to fit the display. Moreover, the device looks extremely thin, a characteristic all too familiar with the recent XPERIA devices.


Rumor has it that Nozomi will be SE’s new dual-core player. Apart from having a 720p screen, it looks like it will be powered with the ICS.

Unfortunately, we can only wait for new information as there has not been any official release on availability nor pricing. Studying its trend, we do think it will reach international waters first before the US!

[Source: Phandroid]

Christine Torralba
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