Oh, HTC. When will you give us some concrete information on the One X+, instead of letting us rely on an endless stream of leaks? The phone began its life as the Era 42 on T-Mobile. It wasn’t just the initial specs – Tegra 3+ processor, among other things – that got our attention, but also the fact it was expected to be a pure Google phone.

Since then we saw purported benchmark results and more of its specs revealed. It wasn’t until the One X+ paid FCC a visit that we got semi-official final specs of the phone, though there were talks of equipping it with a bigger battery.

The latest leak doesn’t bring anything new in the specs department, as it only shows a blurred front view of the One X+. But yes, it looks like the phone is still heading to T-Mobile. You know what – Magenta could use a new HTC device on its lineup to accompany the One S. Seeing that the One X never did make it there, the One X+ will be a real treat for its customers.

It’s still not confirmed yet whether the quad-core device will ever see the light of day on the carrier, but we don’t see why T-Mobile would want to pass up on the opportunity. If you want to see the HTC One X+ coming to T-Mo, let your voice be heard in the comments below.