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Hands-on Moto X video: 4.7-inch display, what appears to be a dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro?

A Reddit user ran the CPU Identifier app on an alleged Moto X device and posted the results, suggesting the device could feature a high-end proc after all.
July 14, 2013
Moto X CPU Test

Earlier today, we reported on a video that Reddit user KronikBudz put online showing the contextual awareness functionality of the Moto X, which is apparently dubbed Open Mic. The device listens to your voice commands, even when the screen is turned off and the phone is locked. The default “wake up” command is “Okay Moto Magic”, and for instance, you can use it to call someone when the device is locked.

KronikBudz revealed another few details in the Reddit thread where he posted the Open Mic video, and some of them are quite interesting.

First, the user says he measured his AT&T Moto X and that the display is 4.7-inch. This goes against most previous rumors, so we are a bit puzzled about it.

Then, KronikBudz ran the CPU Identifier app on the alleged Moto X device and posted the results in a video.

Now, the results seem inconsistent, and our hunch is the app misrepresents the processor. The app identifies the Moto X’ processor as “MSM8960 x2” clocked at 1.7GHz, which is a dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus. However, the GPU is Adreno 320, suggesting that the proc may actually be a “MSM8960T”, a Snapdragon S4 Pro.

The weird thing is that the benchmark that KronikBudz runs in the video positions the Moto X’ processor at the top of the leaderboard, right between Snapdragon 600 processors, with a score of 34,715. Looking at the leaderboard, it seems that a dual-core S4 Plus clocked at 1.7GHz should be in the 27,000-30,000 range.


Benchmarking apps can’t always be trusted, so we may be looking at a case of mistaken identity. The scores definitely suggest a high-end proc (Snapdragon 600?) but that goes against previous rumors and the app identification itself. Another possibility is that the processor is a dual-core S4 Pro/Plus that Motorola optimized to achieve superior speeds.

We’ve contacted the developer of the CPU Identifier app to try to figure this out, and we’ll keep you posted with more details.