The first time I saw the leaked images of the rumored Nexus 3, I was a bit suspicious and asked myself – is this for real? Hearing anything about the Nexus 3 was music to my ears, and I really wanted to believe it was indeed the Nexus 3. What Android phone lover wouldn’t? Almost everyone, including me, was captivated when they saw the leaked images of the Nexus 3. Upon hearing that most recent news about the leaked images, and the fact that they were nothing more than a half-decent Photoshop edit, I was filled with both disappointment, and renewed sense of excitement! We all know that a new Nexus is coming, and that it’s going to be incredible. It’s likely to be the world’s first quad core ultraphone, and will feature the latest, most spectacular improvements to Android, but we will have to wait until more accurate leaks come our way.

The website responsible for the leaked images actually wrote a letter asking for apology. After serious scrutiny to the images done by the “photo specialists” at TechHog, they found the tell-tale signs and proved the image was indeed fake. They also explained that they got the images from a source who claimed he was working at Google, when he actually wasn’t.

The phone that was suspected to be the Nexus 3 was probably an iPhone 3GS altered using Photoshop. Others say that it looks like the older versions of HTC smartphones. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what phone is this. What matters most is when the real Nexus 3 will come to life. Right guys?

Source: TechHog