android-sapphireChinese site posted a slew of photos that supposedly map out HTC’s 2009 product roadmap.  Two of the devices in particular look to be possible Android contenders, the Sapphire and the Hero.

The Hero kinda looks like a G1/Dream that is missing the hardware QWERTY keyboard.  It is likely a bit thinner, but it still features a bent chin like the G1.  This seems pretty likely, in spite of the horrid color scheme.

The Sapphire, on the other hand, is being touted by some sites as the G2, but there’s a problem here.  The buttons.  Sites like TmoNews offer a slightly higher res version of an image of a black Sapphire that they seem to think shows one of the buttons being for T-Mobile’s MyFaves.

That’s great and all, but the problem is that there would be no menu button if that were the case.  Android needs a few buttons to operate: call send, call end, back, home, and menu.  Where’s the menu button?  It could be that the “MyFaves” button is the home button, and that the square button up top is the menu button.  That, I think, would work.

In any case, the curved chin on the Sapphire does resemble that of the G1, and the glass that surrounds the camera on the rear also bears similarities to the rear cover of the G1.  So who knows?  It could be true.

What do you think?  Leave your ideas in the comments!

[via PPCGeeks]