Our last report on LG’s upcoming P880 device was that it was rumored to be unveiled at the upcoming Mobile World Congress as a dual-core device. Now, sources tell us that it will be LG’s newest flagship device.

First off, we perceived that the P880 will have dual-core processor. However, leaked details  about the device show that it will be equipped with a quad-core processor; the latest craze the MWC is all about.

Apparently, the P880 will be among the first smartphones to ship with NVIDIA Tegra 3 System on Chip quad-core processor. Even though this SoC has already been on a number of tablets, seeing it on a smartphone is still a momentous sight. Moreover, the P880 will also be equipped with an HD screen, 3000mAh battery, and a 1280×720 screen resolution.

Of course, if the LG P880 has the latest processor, it should also run on the latest Android OS. Leaked screens of the device reveal that the P880 is the very first LG phone to run on Ice Cream Sandwich. In fact, it shows that the device runs on version 4.0.3. Pretty cool huh?


We’re actually looking forward to this device as it came completely out of nowhere. How about you? What are you excited to see at the MWC?

Christine Torralba
Christine Torralba has been a freelance writer for the past couple of years. While most of her work has been ghostwritten, she has also contributed articles to magazines such as SPARK, Monday, Vault and Epic. In her spare time, she cooks, takes photos of food, and manages to write about it on her food blog.