codenames21Props to maxisma, who apparently uncovered a list of HTC code names deeply embedded within the recently leaked Android 2.1 ROM for the HTC Hero. The list includes the Bahamas, the Bravo, the DesireC, the Dragon, the Dream, the Espresso, the Halo, the HeroCT, the HeroC, the Hero, the Huangshan, the Incredible, the Legend, the Liberty, the Memphis, the Paradise, the PassionC, the Passion, the Sapphire, and the Supersonic. Recognizable names in this list are the Dream (G1), the Sapphire(G2), the Desire (VZW Eris), the rumored Passion/Dragon, the MIA Memphis and several flavors of the Hero. The remainder of the list is comprised of not-yet-known handsets. Anyone want to venture any guesses as to what they may or may not be?

[via DroidDog and AndroidSpin]