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Leak: Vertu Ti: This is the hideous over priced Android phone oil barons want

Vertu, Nokia's former luxury phone unit, will announce a phone called the Vertu Ti. Here are photos of it, and boy does it look hideous. The funny thing is that it'll actually sell.
January 30, 2013

Yesterday we filed a report that said Vertu, Nokia’s old luxury phone unit, was going to announce an Android powered smartphone at some point in February. We didn’t know what the device was going to be called, nor did we have any photos of it. Today that changes thanks to the Japanese website Blog of Mobile. What you’re looking at above is the Vertu Ti. It’s going to ship with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, it’ll have a dual core Snapdragon S4, the display is sadly limited to just 800 x 480 pixels, and worst of all is the battery: 1,250 mAh.

This phone will probably end up costing over 3,000 Euros and it’ll only be sold in exclusive high end stores located in shopping malls that rich people frequent. People who work in the oil industry might buy this thing to show their friends that they’re financially well off, but then that just means they’re dicks.

Why does this phone exist? Because common sense isn’t as common as you think it is. We all want to be special, so we buy a case for our mass produced smartphone, maybe a cute little charm to hang off the botton, and with those two pieces of cheap plastic we tell the world that we are unique snowflakes that deserve attention because we’re somehow different than everyone else.

Philosphical rants aside, the Vertu Ti is going to have such low volumes that it’s not even going to be worth mentioning again. That being said, we hope some incredibly wealthy individual buys one just to stick it inside a blender for our amusement.

Update: Vertu just sent us an email.

I’m writing in regards to the Vertu story by Stefan Constantinescu. Thank you for your interest in Vertu’s upcoming product releases. We are unable to confirm any new product details at this time. However, Vertu has recently referenced a ‘strong product road map’ and we can confirm that we will be making an official announcement to the global media on the 12th February. The announcement will mark the beginning of a series of international events held by Vertu, starting in our home market, London, England.
Some of the information that you have recently reported on regarding Vertu is inaccurate, including proposed pricing and we look forward sharing more details with you in the coming weeks.

Looks like it’s legit!