Android UI from HTC

Android UI from HTC

Android UI has been a major part of the strategy for HTC and Motorola. With more and more manufacturers adopting the green robot, the user interface is really the only way to separate oneself from the pack. HTC have become particular famous for their Sense UI which also exists on WinMo devices. It is clean, compact, graphically interesting, but all in perfect proportion. If everyone just used the stock Android UI, Android life would be much more dull.

Well, if Google have their say, things are certainly going to head this way. For the next release of Android after 2.2 (Froyo) sometimes referred to as Gingerbread, Google have promised that they will be “laser focused” on releasing an improved version of the Android UI. This is something the Apple iPhone is popular for. One of the contributing factors for this improvement stems form the fact that companies like HTC and Motorola have to revise their UI each time Google release an iteration update to Android. This certainly does not help the fragmentation issue.

However, there is no denying that with so many manufacturers using Android, there is the requirement for differentiation within the market. Hardware alone is unlikely to cut it, but with that said, the PC market has relied on hardware to differentiate the market for many years. Google will aim to make something more beautiful than the HTC Sense UI and easier to use than an iPhone.

[Via TechCrunch]

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